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Symphony Framework

The Symphony Framework is a set of libraries that help with the migration of your Traditional Synergy applications to a new Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) User Experience (UX).

The Framework contains a number of capabilities that allow you to build a modern User Interface that interacts with your existing Synergy code.

The Symphony Conductor namespace contains a collection of classes that enable the communication of logic and data between your traditional code and the new WPF interface.

The core elements of the Symphony Conductor are the Data Objects. These data classes build on the base DataObjectBase class. This class provides the communication of data between your existing Synergy logic and the new Synergy.NET WPF User Interface (UI).

The Symphony Framework (v2.10.12.8) is only supported on Synergy version 10.1.1c

To install and use the latest version of the Symphony Framework we reccomend that you upgrade to the latest version 10 of Synergy!

The Symphony Framework is availabe from the Microsoft CodePlex site. Please visit and search for Symphony Framework.